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Indonesian Military Chief Focused On Indonesian Navy and Air Force


MEDIA INDONESIA, — Although the Indonesian Military (TNI) Chief, Gen. Gatot Nurmantyo came from the Indonesian Army (TNI AD), he remains consistent with his commitment to strengthen the Navy and Air Force. The primary weaponry defense system (alutsista) of the two forces will be added in order to support President Joko Widodo’s vision of maritime axis.

“With the President’s mission, the international maritime axis, there is no other alternative other than developing and strengthening the Navy and Air Force. Thus, we will able to monitor and secure the entire archipelago. In a state of emergency, we’ll be able to quickly respond, “he said, after the president sworn him in as the TNI Chief at the State Palace, Jakarta, yesterday.

The appointment of the former Chief of Staff of the Indonesian Army as the TNI Chief replacing General Moeldoko who has retired was stipulated in Presidential Decree No. 49/2015 concerning the Termination and Appointment of TNI Chief. The entire leadership of state institutions attended the event held together with the inauguration of the National Intelligence Agency (BIN) Chief.

Nurmantyo said, he would have discussions with each force about the budget and technical requirements. He thought, the needs of the two forces would include the addition of warships, submarines, aircraft, and sophisticated radar. “Because of the maritime axis, our region will be open, “he added.

Nurmantyo, who has served as Chief of Military Region V of Brawijaya, would also initiate the better military diplomacy with ASEAN countries through joint exercises between countries. Hopefully, the military of ASEAN could work together in the region.

“Then realizing conducive regional situation. Thus, the economy will run, “said the former Chief of the Army Strategic Command.

Meanwhile, Sutiyoso, chief of the National Intelligence Agency (BIN) vowed to modernize equipment to meet the future challenges.

“We must have a super-sophisticated tool. This is certainly a technical problem I cannot explain, “said Sutiyoso.


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