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Government Encourages Renewable Energy Investments


KOMPAS 20/8 Page 18, — Government is committed to encourage the developments of renewable energy in Indonesia through various facilities. Renewable energy is the future energy and its portion in the energy mix will continue to improve.

President Joko Widodo made the statement in his opening speech at the Convention and Exhibition of Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation 2015, Wednesday (19/8), in Jakarta.

Sudirman Said, minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM), Mulyana Rida, director general of Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation of the ESDM Ministry and several stakeholders in the energy sector attended the event.

“[Government] continues to encourage investments in renewable energy and gives special attention. [we’ll give] attention through incentives, feed-in tariffs, ease of permits, and so on, on the matters associated with renewable energy investments, “President said.

Joko Widodo reminded that the decline in world oil prices should not discourage renewable energy investors. In Indonesia, renewable energy was the future investment that the government would continue to encourage.

“Going forward, the direction is very clear. We will continue to encourage and develop renewable energy due to its huge potential, “said Joko Widodo.

Sudirman Said said, the government wanted to realize its commitment to develop renewable energy with the business owners. “The supports of the president and all stakeholders in the sector could realize the ideals towards energy sovereignty, “he said.

As many as 1,500 participants from academics, government, researchers and industry, took part in the Convention which takes place until 21 August.  In the national energy policy, the government will continue to increase the portion of renewable energy in the energy mix. The portion of renewable energy would be at least 23 percent in 2025 and 31 percent in 2050.


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