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Satisfaction With Government Declines


MEDIA INDONESIA 9/10 PAGE 3, — Public satisfaction with the government of President Joko Widodo and Jusuf Kalla (Jokowi-JK) ahead of one year administration is declining. The majority judge, people’s welfare remains awful.

“The worst people’s welfare is related to economy, “said M Qodari, executive director of Indo Barometer when he explained the summary of the national survey themed Success and Failure in One Year Administration of Jokowi-JK in Jakarta, yesterday.

The event was attended by economist Ichsanuddin Noorsy, Muhammad Misbakhun, member of the People’s Representative Council (DPR), Maruarar Sirait, politician of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP) and Baia Lahadalia, chairman of Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (Hipmi).

Indo Barometer conducted survey in 34 provinces from 14 to 22 September 2015 with 1200 respondents. The margin error was about 3.0 %.

The survey results reveal economic issue dominates six major problems in Indonesia; 37.2 % related to difficulty to find jobs, 12.3% about high prices of main commodity, 12.3 % associated with corruption, 12.3% poverty, and 2.9% on lack of people’s welfare.

As a result, such condition leads to 46.0% level of public satisfaction with President’s performance. In comparison, the survey conducted six months ago showed, the level of public satisfaction reached 57.5 %.
Public satisfaction with Jusuf Kalla’s performance also declines from 53.3% to 42.1%, also with the ministers’ performance, down from 46.8% to 37.1%.

“The level of satisfaction with Jokowi’s performance reached 46%. This is not good. But it usually happens when the economy is down, “Qodari said.

Maruarar Sirait said, the performance of Jokowi-JK government was clear and measureable. But he hoped Jokowi-Jk had a short-term program that people could directly feel. “Because people’s durability is different from one another, “he said.

In the survey, the program people like the most is the health sector (18.6%).


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